D.O.A. Shrimp 3-Pack - Chartreuse (3) - $5.79

If you need alifelike bait, the D.O.A. Shrimp makes an ideal choice. This soft plastic bait is available in a variety of colors. Per 3. Size: 3, 1/4 oz. Colors: (305)Glow, (306)Arkansas Glow, (307)Smoke Silver Glitter, (308)Glow/Holographic, (309)Glow Gold Glitter, (310)Glow/Gold Rush, (314)Silver Glitter, (315)Clear Fire Tail, (316)Clear Chartreuse Tail, (320)Pink/Silver Glitter, (325)Carbonated Watermelon, (327)Carbonated Pink/Clear, (329)Nite Glow Fire Tail, (330)Pearl, (331)Pearl Firetail, (336)Clear/Red Glitter, (348)Pearl Chartreuse Tail, (351)Rootbeer/Chartreuse Tail, (352)Galaxy Glitter, (371)Avocado/Red Glitter, (382)Silver Holographic, (383)Golden Bream Glitter, (384)Fire Tiger, (385)Glow White/Chartreuse Tail, (401)Electric Chicken, (404)Rootbeer/Gold Glitter, (405)Nite Glow, (408)Glow/Holographic, (409)Glow/Gold Rush Belly, (412)Clear, (413)Clear/Gold Glitter, (415)Clear/Pink Tail, (418)Chartreuse/Silver Glitter, (421)Copper Crush, (424)Glow Copper Crush, (426)Root Beer/Clear/Holographic, (434)Rootbeer/Gold/Glitter, (441)Figi Chicken, (482)Holographic Glitter, (504)New Penny, (510)White/Red Head, (608)Red Gold Glitter. Size: 3. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Shrimp Baits. - $5.79


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