CVA Barrel Blaster Cleaning Accessories - Rust - $5.99

Barrel Blaster products keep your muzzleloader perfectly clean, lubricated and free of rust. Available: Quick-Clean Patches Pre-saturated cleaning patches for quick-and-easy barrel cleaning. Per 100. Rust-Prevent Patches A great final pass-through cleaning patch for rust and corrosion prevention. Per 100. Parts Soaker Soak heavily fouled plugs and small parts. Size: 4 oz. Anti-Seize Stick Use this stick applicator to apply the anti-seize formula directly on the breech-plug threads without getting it on your hands. Rust-Prevent Spray Prevents rust and corrosion on your firearm. Size: 2-oz. aerosol. Foaming Bore Cleaner Absolutely the easiest way to clean your muzzleloader. Spray the foam into the barrel and one hour later swab it clean. Size: 8-oz. aerosol. Solvent Spray it on a patch or brush and run it through the gun barrel to remove fouling. Size: 12-oz. spray bottle. Cleaning System The top five Barrel Blaster items in one value-loaded, muzzleloader cleaning pack. Includes Foaming Bore Cleaner (8-oz. aerosol); Parts Soaker (4 oz.); 100 Quick-Clean Patches; 100 Rust-Prevent Patches; and 100 cotton cleaning patches. Color: Rust. Type: Cleaning Accessories. - $5.99


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