CVA Accura MR Muzzleloader - $449.99

A shorter and lighter Accura, the CVA MR (Mountain Rifle) Muzzleloader is made to carry all day over rough terrain and to get on target quickly. The Accura MR features a premium, custom quality Bergara barrel made of the highest quality 416-grade stainless steel, resulting in highest level of precision accuracy for a break-action muzzle-loading rifle. For ease of maintenance, the Accura MR features a Quick-Release Breech Plug that can be easily removed with only your fingers, even after the gun has been fired numerous times. CVA's trigger-guard actuated breeching lever makes the Accura MR a very simple break-action muzzleloader to operate; and, by removing just one screw the entire gun can be disassemble. Made specifically for hunters, the Accura MR features a Nitride, non-reflective finished stainless steel barrel that resists the extremely corrosive properties of black powder and substitutes. Soft. Touch coatings and rubber grip panels on the stock and forend provide a comfortable and secure grip even in the foulest weather; and the Crush. Zone recoil pad dampens felt recoil considerably, allowing you to focus solely on your target. The CVA Accura MR Muzzleloader comes with a Dura. Sight Dead-On one-piece scope mount that will hold your sight in place under heavy recoil and extreme hunting conditions. The Accura MR also includes an extendable, aluminum loading rod, and a Quake Claw Sling. Manufacturer model #: PR3121SNM.Premium quality, stainless steel Bergara barrel. Quick-Release Breech Plug easily removes with fingers. East to open trigger-guard actuated breeching lever. Soft. Touch coatings and rubber grip panels provide non-slip grip. Nitride non-reflective finished barrel resists corrosion. Crush. Zone recoil pad dampens felt recoil. Ultra secure one-piece scope mount - $449.99