Crystalline Solar Panel with Controller 165 Watt - $379.99

With a generation rate of 9.4 amps per hour, this Solar Panel will charge your battery efficiently and effortlessly. It includes the quick-connect wiring and Z-brackets for mounting. And it all sets up in mere moments. Mount the panel to the sunny spot, connect the wiring, and walk away. Let your batteries absorb the power from the sun and your Solar Panel, and pay no electrical costs. Solar power made easy.ANYWHERE YOU ARE... IT CAN BE.Whether you are at the cabin, home, or in your RV, this Solar Panel has your recharge needs covered. With quick and easy set up and connections, it won't take your whole weekend to set up. So even if you have no hook-ups at your camp site, you can still recharge your 12V batteries. It's time for the sun to pull its own weight.Generates 9.4 amps per hour from sunlightIncludes quick-connect wiring and Z bracketsAluminum frameShine on and order today! - $379.99


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