Crosman Game Face GFRS Tormentor Airsoft Rifle Shotgun - $119.99

The Crosman Game Face GFRS Tormentor Airsoft Rifle changes the face of airsoft shooting by combining M4-style carbine functionality with raw pump-action shotgun fun. The GFRS carbine upper platform includes an adjustable crane-style stock, a 400-round high-capacity magazine, polymer construction, and blaze orange safety caps. The carbine upper platform includes automatic and semi-automatic firing capability at up to 300 fps. The shotgun lower includes an 18-round magazine, adjustable hop-up, metal barrel and slam-fire capability at up to 295 fps. The Crosman GFRS Tormentor comes equipped with a picatinny rail system and fixed-post front sight. Manufacturer model #: ASRGCMBO.Airsoft AEG rifle and pump-action shotgun combination. Automatic and semi-automatic fire. Polymer gearbox and reinforced polymer gears. Blaze orange safety caps400-round High Capacity Magazine. Adjustable crane-style stock. Removable, rechargeable battery - $119.99