Crosman CenterPoint XR175 Recurve Crossbow Kit Black - $139.99

Downright lethal. This CenterPoint XR 175 Recurve Crossbow comes with all the features you need to get started in the exciting world of archery. Critters beware! This Crosman Crossbow is powerful, stealthy and deadly accurate. Here's a hotshot! This name-brand Crossbow really brings the sizzle, on the hunt or at the range. The zing comes from the classic single-limb recurve system. And the 175-lb. draw weight fires bolts at up to 245 F.P.S. (depending on the bolt weight). 10" power stroke Lightweight composite stock with compression molded fiberglass limb Equipped with an auto safety cocking mechanism Arrow velocity: up to 245 feet per second 175-lb draw weight Includes (4) 16" aluminum bolts, quiver and red 3-dot sight Bonus rope cocker included 4 1/2"l., weighs 5.75 lbs. Nab this hunting and targeting Crossbow to enjoy the shots and thrills! - $139.99


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