Crosley Tabletop Jukebox - $149.99

Crosley Tabletop Jukebox is a CD player with 20-track programmable memory. "Honey, I shrunk the Jukebox!" Introducing a scaled down desktop version of the classic 1947 jukebox. Recall the Happy Days of yesteryear, listening to memorable "rock hits" like Fonzie and the gang... at the diner slurping a milkshake, eating fries and rockin' around the clock. Look, the song chart flips to reveal the turning dial and volume control. Plus the color shifting LED lights provide eye-catching ambiance.More "in-tune" features:Handcrafted wood and veneer cabinet Compact Disc Player AM / FM radio for tuning in news, music, or the big game Portable audio input for connecting smartphones or other external audio devices Quality stereo sound Programmable 20-track memory LED display Repeat play Color-shifting LED lighting Decorative musical playlist 10 1/4 x 7 1/4 x 14 1/4"h., 8 lbs. Model: CR1101A Get this music to your ears deal ONLINE today! - $149.99


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