Crooked Creek Oar Locks - $19.99

Secure gear means peace of mind on the water. Keep your oars safely in place with the Crooked Creek Oar Locks. A black Chromate surface finish over zinc-plated steel gives the Crooked Creek Oar Locks extreme toughness for reliable durability. The stylish finish doubles as an extra layer of corrosion protection, ensuring your new favorite oar locks will last every trip. 2inch straight shaft. 1/2inch- or 5/8inch-dia. shank with bushing. These oar locks fasten secure to oars with adjustable bolts.Manufacturer model #: C10998.Black Chromate surface finish over zinc-plated steel. Stylish finish also gives extra layer of corrosion protection. Fastens securely to oars with adjustable bolts2inch straight shaft1/2inch- or 5/8inch-dia. shank with bushing - $19.99


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