Creek Chub Pin Popper Topwater Hardbaits - $19.99

Old-timers know that no plastic lure has the same fish-attracting action and natural buoyancy of the classic wooden topwaters, so we?ve brought the Creek Chub back for the next generation! The Pin Popper has been a go-to chugger for decades for striper, redfish, and other top-feeding saltwater monsters; and the ultra-tough stainless steel hardware hangs on tight, hookup after hookup. Indestructible thru-wire construction; 3X-grade saltwater hooks; rugged, heavy swivels; ultra-realistic, large-pupil eyes.Classic wooden topwater. Ultra-tough stainless steel hardware. Indestructible thru-wire construction3X-grade saltwater hooks. Rugged, heavy swivels. Ultra-realistic, large-pupil eyes. For striper, redfish, and other top-feeding saltwater monsters - $19.99


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