Cortland Precision Trout Boss HTx Fly Line - $79.99

Cortland Precision Trout Boss HTx is a Precision Floating Fly Line with a complex taper, thinner core, and a heat-tempered surface treatment (HTx). This weight-forward taper combines a 45'6inch head with 10' of level line that's slightly thicker in diameter than the running line, and easier to manage. The thinner core lends the line a smaller diameter-to-mass ratio without distorting its specific gravity or depleting energy transfer. The HTx coating seals out dirt and oils, while ensuring a low-friction coefficient. Precision Trout Boss HTx floats higher, shoots farther, casts tighter loops, and is more durable than ever.Braided nylon multifilament core. Heat-tempered surface treatment. Low-friction coefficient. Floats higher. Shoots farther. Casts tighter loops. Highly durable - $79.99


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