Cabela's Control Post Pedestal/Seat System - Charcoal 'Grey' - $179.99

Adjusting from a completely flat position to 90 upright, the Control Post guarantees complete custom-like comfort during even the longest days on the water. The secret to its unmatched adjustability is an innovative ball mount. Simply loosen a friction knob on the rear of the mount and effortlessly position the cushioned seat anywhere you desire - upright for enhanced lower back support or at an angle to take pressure off your legs. The die-cast aluminum Power Rise pedestal offers instant height adjustment at the touch of a two-way lever. And its machined to .002 tolerances for wobble-free performance. Available: Spring-Lock Post Height: 30-36 3/4 King-Pin Post Height: 30-36 Taper-Lock Post Height: 29-35 Plug-In Post Height: 28-34 Colors: Charcoal, Mica. Color: Charcoal. Type: Control Post Pedestal/Seat System. - $179.99


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