ConQuest Tyrant Wild Pig Scents Wild Hog Attractant - Rutting Boar In A Stick - $14.99

Fire up the territorial rage of a big wild boar with Rutting Boar In A Stick Wild Hog Attractant from Con. Quest. This Tyrant Wild Pig Scents Attractant makes it easy to spread the scent of rutting boar urine to your hunting area, especially upwind of bedding and feeding areas. Easy-to-apply, deoderant-style applicator makes it easy to apply the wild hog attractant quickly and quietly to rocks, trees, brush, and more around your hunting area. Comes in a convenient, resealable container. Formula holds up well in extreme weather conditions. 2.5 oz. Made in USA.Manufacturer model #: 1247.Long-lasting scent of urine from a big rutting male - brings boars running. Easy-to-apply, easy-to-use wax-based stick. Strong scent - works great upwind of bedding and feeding areas. Resealable 2.5 oz. container - no spilling or leaking. Long lasting formula continues working well in extreme weather conditions - $14.99