Cliche Uppercase Skateboard Complete White/Red 7.7in - $76.95

If you're ready to take your skateboarding experience to the next level try the Cliche Uppercase Skateboard Complete. It's wonderful for vert skating or street skating. The polyurethane wheelbase is sturdy, safe and dependable. The grind tape is strategically place to insure your friction is controllable, too. So whether you're practicing the goofyfoot, the regular foot, or the mongo-foot the 53mm wheels make for a smooth and controllable ride. So if your skateboarding skills have moved to a higher level, you definitely need the Cliche Uppercase Complete!Key Features of the Cliche Uppercase Skateboard Complete 7.7in: Film Trucks 92a performance bushings Abec 3 chrome steel bearings 53mm, 95a wheels w/ custom wheel graphics Die cut on grip tape - $76.95


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