Chefs Choice Hybrid 250 Electric Knife Sharpener - $59.99

Engineered and assembled in the USA, the Chef's Choice Hybrid 250 Electric Knife Sharpener uses a three-stage process to sharpen all fine edge, serrated kitchen and household knives, as well as sports and pocket knives. Stages 1 and 2 use 100% diamond abrasives for shaping and sharpening the blade's first two edge bevels. Stage 3 hones and polishes the blade's third bevel using ultra-fine diamonds for a razor-sharp, professional edge. Made in USA.Manufacturer model #: 0250100.Three-stage sharpening with advanced Hybrid technology. Compact and easy to use. Ideal for all quality knives. Diamond abrasives shape and sharpen Ultra-fine diamonds hone and polish. Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty - $59.99


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