Charlie Brewer's 1 Slider Grub - Black/Chartreuse - $3.19

This proven crappie killers boot tail produces strike-enticing vibration, even at ultra-slow speeds. Rig with a standard head or with a weedless Charlie Brewer Slider Head. Per 18. Length: 1. Colors: (003)Pearl, (005)Black/Chartreuse Tail, (006)Blue Ice/Chartreuse, (015)Chartreuse Glitter, (030)Hot Pink/Silver Glitter, (045)White/Chartreuse Tail, (115)Chartreuse Black/Orange, (148)Caterpillar, (815)Watermelon/Chartreuse, (817)Green Pumpkin. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Grubs. - $3.19


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