Cascade Designs Platypus PlatyPreserve - $7.88

Upon exposure to air, the delicate taste of wine can change in as little as two to eight hours. The ingenious and collapsible PlatyPreserve wine preservation system overcomes this problem by eliminating the presence of oxygen. After youve enjoyed a glass or two of wine, simply pour the remains into your PlatyPreserve. Loosely twist cap on and expel all air by squeezing. Now, twist the cap for an airtight seal. This easy system dramatically extends the life of wine, allowing you to enjoy it at your pace. Made of durable polyethylene with a taste-free nylon/polyethylene lining. Made in USA. Capacity: .8 liters. Dimensions: 10.25L x 6.3W. Weight: .8 oz. Type: Bottles. - $7.88