Carson HookUpz Universal Optics Adapter for Smartphones - $59.99

Carson HookUpz Universal Optics Adapter for Smartphones. Here's your ticket to crystal-clear photos and video THROUGH your optics! This Universal Adapter makes it easy to take breathtaking photos of the action, as seen through the "eyes" of your binoculars, telescope, spotting scope, etc. Fits most popular smartphones, and the self-centering mount means it fits almost all different kinds of optics. Fits most optics with outer eyepiece diameters of 20-58mm with 14mm+ depth Fits all popular smartphones with or without cases, including the iPhone 4/5 and new iPhone 6 in an OtterBox case, to a Samsung Galaxy in a thick rubber case Holds most phones up to 3.8" wide and up to 5.5" long Adapter is self-centering, no need to realign for different optics Single-arm phone clamp for quick and easy installation and removal Glow-in-the-dark rubber allows for easy use in low light Silicone rubber grips dampen vibration to optics Can also hold most smartphones while in charger case Note: not compatible with rifle scopes. Will not work on "phablets" like Samsung Note 2, 3, etc. Optics must be straight or slightly tapered; complex-shaped eyepieces may not work. - $59.99


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