Storm Carlson's Prairie Choke Tubes - Copper - $19.88

Premium Carlson choke tubes engineered to deliver optimal performance when used with Federals Prairie Storm shotgun shells. Some ported choke tubes and chokes with wad-stopping or stripping capabilities deliver inconsistent patterns when Prairie Storms unique Flightcontrol wad is used with them. These Carlson chokes feature specially developed constriction and length that field testing has shown to deliver optimal performance from not only Prairie Storm ammo, but also shells that use copper, nickel, Hevi-Shot and steel loads over extended distances. The early season choke tube has an Light Modified constriction and the late-season choke tube has an Improved Modified constriction. Both can be used with steel shot. Backed by Carlsons lifetime warranty. Color: Copper. Type: Choke Tubes. - $19.88


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