Capo Cipressa 2.0 Women's Sleeveless Jersey - $129.95

If you were watching the 2013 Milan San Remo, the frozen images of the brave racers will forever be imprinted on your mind. However, if you're like us, you noticed a great deal of the riders opting for a gilet and warmers over that of a full jacket. Why' Because most riders shared the goal of attacking on the Cipressa. And if you've ever tried entering Zone 3 in an insulated jacket, you already know how bad of an idea this is. So, it was with this level of racing knowledge that Capo developed the aptly named Cipressa 2.0 Women's Sleeveless Jersey. Capo's Cipressa 2.0 jersey falls under what it calls its Gruppo Sportivo, or GS Series. Designed to 'push-the-envelope' of cycling apparel, the GS series receives Capo's most advanced materials and construction techniques. Basically, it checks all of the boxes on your wishlist -- compression, comfort, support, flexibility, and warmth. So, toeing this line, the Cipressa was constructed from a blend of Capo's favorite fabrics -- Sky Microfiber and Super Roubaix Carbon. Starting with the former, this material strikes the ideal balance between insulation and breathability. Operating as a membrane between the skin and the elements, the fabric regulates the internal temperature of the jacket by releasing excess heat between the material and the skin. But mainly, this system promotes warmth by keeping you dry. Don't believe us' Time for an experiment. Blow over the top of your hand. Now, wet your skin and blow again. Colder right' That's why Sky's composition favors a lightweight, softshell design over bulky, fleecy fabrics. In addition to prepping for the elements, the Cipressa has been designed to be highly malleable in order to complement the cycling-specific flexibility of the GS series. Capo made the Cipressa with a lengthened rear hem, a multiple panel construction, and a pre-shaped torso. The idea was to complement the female body in motion, and by doing so, reducing any possibility of abrasion along the way. - $129.95