Caldwell DeadShot FieldPod Max - $119.99

Caldwells DeadShot FieldPod Max is constructed of rugged, easily portable, lightweight aluminum, allowing you to take a rock-solid rest into the field so you can confidently pull down on that buck trying to sneak out of range. Adjustable height from 20 to 48 is perfect whether youre kneeling for a shot at a bull of a lifetime or lining up on a wise old whitetail from a ground blind. Plus, since each leg adjusts independently, its easy to use the bubble reference to ensure a perfectly level shooting platform. Supports the weight of your firearm at both the forend and the stock, enhancing both accuracy and safety. Innovative design is compatible with crossbows, rifles and shotguns so you can take it along during every season from spring turkeys to late-season muzzleloader deer. Dual-tube frame doesnt get in the way of detachable magazines. Carry strap included. Wt: 6.5 lbs. - $119.99


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