Cabela's Venison Ultimate Gift Pack - $229.99

Enjoy a huge variety of delicious venison meats and snacks with our Ultimate Venison Gift Pack. From steaks and roasts to salami and snack sticks, theres enough meat for multiple dinners and quick, easy on-the-go snacks. Ships in an insulated box. Includes 8-oz. smoked roast, three packages of venison sticks, 6-oz. summer sausage, two 8oz. sirloin steaks, 2-lb. roast, four smoked bratwursts, 1-lb. of stew meat, 3oz. of jerky, two 6oz. filet mignon and 12oz. liver.This item ships on Monday or Tuesday only. If you order after Tuesday at noon, you can expect it will ship the following Monday. Type: Venison. - $229.99