Cabela's Stalker Xtreme Carbon Arrows Blazer Vanes, Per 12 - Black - $87.99

We started with our customer-favorite Stalker Xtreme shafts, improved the straightness factor to .003, and then outfitted each with Blazer vanes to come up with an arrow you can count on for consistent, reliable performance with broadheads and field points alike. The high-strength carbon-composite fibers and unidirectional, carbon-filled core contribute to each arrows light weight and professional-grade performance. This arrow is loaded with features for the discriminating bowhunter. The microsmooth finish provides a quieter, smoother draw and is easier on arrow rests and targets. Added mass means you get better kinetic energy, quieter bows, more stable flight and superb shaft-to-shaft weight consistency. The 2 Blazer vanes weigh just 5 gr. each but use a combination of super-strong material and a precise, leading-edge angle to stabilize even the largest fixed-blade broadheads, while maximizing speed potential. In independent testing comparing field points and broadheads, the groups were nearly identical at 30 yds. Arrows are full length and equipped with Easton Super Nocks and CB inserts. Per 12. 55/70, 65/80 made in the USA. Sizes: 55/70 (8.4 gpi), 65/80 9.3 (gpi). Length: 31 (55/70), 31.5 (65/80). Weight tolerance: 2 gr. Diameter: .294 (55/70), .298 (65/80). Vane colors may vary from what is shown. Draw Weight (lbs.) Color: Black. Type: Fletched Arrows. - $87.99


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