Cabela's Snack Box - Stainless Steel - $119.99

This rich assortment of meats, fish and cheeses goes beyond what youd expect from ordinary snack food. Theres plenty of everything to satisfy all your guests at holiday time. Includes: 6-oz. venison/beef summer sausage 6-oz. beef/buffalo summer sausage 6-oz. elk/beef summer sausage 6-oz. antelope/beef summer sausage 1/2-lb. colby cheese 1/2-lb. pepper jack cheese 20-oz. Alaska smoked salmon fillet flavored with peppered, classic, Cajun and sun-dried tomato/basil seasonings Two 1/2-lb. loaves deli bread Gray slate cutting board and stainless steel knife Color: Stainless Steel. - $119.99


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