Cabela's Smokehouse Sausage Kits 25 lbs. - Natural - $17.99

Create delicious fresh or smoked sausage with these Cabelas sausage kits. The pre-measured cure and seasoning have no fillers, which means great flavors every time. Step-by-step instructions walk you through from start to mouthwatering finish. Each how-to kit includes enough seasoning, cure and casings for 25 lbs. of meat. Available: Summer Sausage - A mouthwatering snack you can enjoy on the go, this salty, savory treat packs easily and keeps well in the backcountry. It has a smooth texture with a crisp, perfectly spiced taste. Includes seasoning, cure and ten 2-1/2-lb. casings. Italian Sausage - Put a new twist on an Italian classic with fresh wild game. Its instantly recognizable spicy and sweet seasonings feature an anise-like taste. Includes seasoning and natural hog casings. Bratwurst - Brats are the kings of the grill. This mix is suffused with rich garlic and sweet onion for a burst of flavor with each bite. Use your favorite wild game for a one-of-a-kind taste. Includes seasoning and hog casings. Ring Bologna - Fry it or serve it cold, bologna is great any way you slice it. This garlicky spice mix complements wild game and home-grown meats alike. Includes seasoning, cure and collagen casings. German Sausage - Eat like a Rhinelander. This sweet and spicy kit is a sure path to rib-sticking success. Use your own combination of pork and wild game for authentic German flavor. Includes seasoning and natural hog casings. Smoked Chorizo Sausage - Give wild game authentic Spanish flavor. Dominant spices like paprika and garlic deliver a savory, smoky taste beloved the world over - its a true gourmet favorite. Includes seasoning, cure and hog casings. Hot Andouille - Bring the heat with this cajun-style mix. Color: Natural. Type: Seasonings & Spices. - $17.99


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