Cabela's Salt Striker Line - 1/4-lb. Spool - Chartreuse - $1.88

Our new Salt Striker series clear copolymer is constructed to all of the exacting specifications of high-dollar saltwater lines without the price tag. The smaller diameter-to-strength ratio means that you can have more line on your reels for long, drag-smoking runs or get extra distance when casting out to spooky fish in crystal clear, shallow waters. This premium line also gives superior knot strength wet or dry. Our special manufacturing process increases the strength of the lines exterior for maximum abrasion resistance as well as protection from UV-caused line deterioration. The co-polymer construction has a core that is incredibly shock-resistant for sharp hooksets and has almost zero memory for smooth casts without line loops forming. Comes in 1/4-pound spools. Lb. Test Dia. (in.) Yds. Available Color 10 0.011 1,350 Clear, Chartreuse, Blue 15 0.013 750 Clear, Chartreuse, Blue - $1.88


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