Cabela's RealImage HDS Jigging Spoon - Rainbow - $4.49

Lifelike appeal with High-Definition Series (HDS) technology to deliver unsurpassed realism. The fins, gills and mouth on the bait give it that RealImage the fish are looking for. Vertical jig this spoon over schools of baitfish or bounce it up and down on the rocks for incredible action from walleye, white bass and even stripers. Rigged with quality Matzuo hooks. Per each. Sizes: 1/2 oz., 2. 1 oz., 2-5/8. 1-1/2 oz., 3-1/4. 2 oz., 3-1/2. Colors: (009)Rainbow Trout, (014)Gizzard Shad, (043)Perch, (503)Golden Shiner, (601)Dace Minnow. Color: Rainbow. Type: Jigging Spoons. - $4.49


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