Cabela's Premium Willow Blades Per 10 - $5.99

Willowleaf blades are ideal for constructing large tandem trolls, in-line spinners or spinnerbaits; a no-fail choice when you need a flashier, louder, slower presentation. CThese blades have premium construction for superior flash and less wear over time. Gold blades are crafted of stamped brass and silver blades are made of steel. Each is then plated with genuine silver or 24-kt. gold for lasting performance. Per 10. Sizes: 3 1-1/2 3.5 1-2/3 4 2 4.5 2-1/4 4.75 2-2/3 5 3 Colors: (035)Gold, (039)Silver. Color: Willow. - $5.99


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