Cabela's Outfitter Blend Wall Tents by Montana Canvas (10'X12'X6') - $1,049.99

This tent combines the best materials for the durability and comfort of a canvas wall tent with only two-thirds the weight. The roof is made of durable, flame-retardant, breathable 10-oz. cotton duck canvas with a water-resistant coating. The sides are constructed of Relite, an extremely light weight waterproof, tear-resistant cloth that wont mildew. Relite offers weight saving durability without compromising protection from the elements. These tents are the best option if weight is a consideration for your outing. Many make their own tent frames but we also offer them as an option. Made in USA. Size: 10'X12'X6'. Type: Outfitter Tents. - $1,049.99


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