Cabela's Kennel Cover (10 X 10) - $24.88

Protect your dog from the discomfort of hot sun or excess wind with these tough, UV-stabilized polypropylene covers. They offer an 80% shade factor and can be placed on top of our kennel and on the sides for additonal shade and to slow down cold winds. The fabric will not rot, mildew or permit the growth of fungus, and it dries quickly. The specially designed weave creates enough shade to keep your dog comfortable, yet allows air to circulate freely. Solid brass grommets are spaced every 12 around the perimeter for easy installation and secure attachment to the kennel frame. All ends are folded over and double-stitched with UV-resistant monofilament sewing thread for extra strength and durability. Includes 11 cable ties. Sizes: 5 ft. x 10 ft. 10 ft. x 10 ft. Custom-fit top available for non-standard kennel sizes. Approximately $0.90 per square foot. Call 1-800-753-3218 for assistance in ordering. Size: 10 X 10. - $24.88


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