Cabela's Hot Metal Walleye Runner - (002)Silver/Blue/ (016)Tiger Perch/ (017)Bengal Tiger/ (022)Flaming Banana/ (029)Silver/Black/ (064)Money/ (122)Wh...

When the walleyes lay near the bottom, you need a quick-diving lure that gets in their faces. Cabelas-exclusive Hot Metal series produces a powerful flash and a side-to-side searching action. Rigged with quality Matzuo hooks. Per each. Size: Shallow 4, 3/8 oz.- Dives 4-10 ft. Deep 4, 3/8 oz. - Dives 8-24 ft. Color: (002)Silver/Blue, (016)Tiger Perch, (017)Bengal Tiger, (022)Flaming Banana, (029)Silver/Black, (064)Money, (122)White Skeleton, (401)Flasher, (407)Perch, (951)Tennessee Shad. Color: (002)Silver/Blue/ (016)Tiger Perch/ (017)Bengal Tiger/ (022)Flaming Banana/ (029)Silver/Black/ (064)Money/ (122)White Skeleton/ (401)Flasher/ (407)Perch/ (951)Tennessee Shad. Type: Crankbaits. - $5.99


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