Cabela's Hot Metal Series Shaker - Silver/Black - $2.88

Rig up for quick-diving, side-to-side action. Hot Metal lures have a metallic, depth-control lip that produces a brilliant flash and an erratic searching action. When the action turns cold, this combination is sure to turn up the heat. This metal-lipped lure creates an erratic chasing action that game fish cant resist. Dives 8-21 ft. Rigged with quality Matzuo hooks. Per each. Size: 3, 3/8 oz. Colors: (002)Silver/Blue, (022)Flaming Banana, (029)Silver/Black, (031)Natural Minnow, (040)Lemon Lime, (053)Fathead, (067)Silver/Chartreuse Shad, (217)Road Crew, (333)Bumblebee, (402)Blue Racer, (405)Bombay and Lime, (407)Perch, (971)Brown Back/Orange Belly, (972)Green Purple/Chartreuse Belly, (976)Purple Blue/Black Back. Color: Silver/Black. - $2.88


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