Cabela's Heated Performance Back Warmer - Black (ONE SIZE FITS MOST) - $129.99

Cabelas Heated Performance Gear Power up the heat on this back warmer to warm your core in bitter cold temps or ease lower back pain. The Gerbing exclusive Microwire heat system powered by a 7.4-volt rechargeable lithium battery will provide a full day of soothing warmth on a single charge. The compact, lightweight battery fits securely in a zippered pocket. The slim design ensures it will fit comfortably under a shirt. Constructed of Cordura nylon with adjustable elastic straps. Hand wash and hang dry only. Battery needs to stay dry to work properly. Lifetime guarantee on electrical when proper care is given. Includes battery and charger. Single battery charges in 3 hours and two batteries charge in 6 hours. Imported. Approximate Battery Run Time/Heat Output 7.4-Volt Lithium Battery 2200MAH Setting Heat Output Duration High 100% 135F 2 hours Medium/High 75% - $129.99


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