Cabela's Go-To Crappie Tubes - Black/Chartreuse - $1.59

Bring the big bite to your line with our Go-To Crappie Tubes. These soft, flexible baits accurately imitate minnows or small shad with a darting action when jigged. Particularly deadly on crappie, panfish or trout. Ideal colors for clear or stained water. Per 20. Size:1.5. Colors: (001)Red/White (not shown), (002)Black/Chartreuse Sparkle,(003)Hot Pink/White, (004)Pearl (not shown),(005)Pumpkin Pepper/Chartreuse, (006)Pearl/Chartreuse (not shown),(007)Black/Chartreuse,(008)Red/Chartreuse Sparkle,(009)Orange/Chartreuse,(010)Glow/Black/Chartreuse, (011)Red Glitter/Chartreuse, (012)Silver Glitter/Pink, (013)Purple Glitter/Opaque Chartreuse, (014)Silver Glitter/Chartreuse, (015)Silver Glitter/Pearl, (016)Black/Red/Chartreuse, (017)Red/Yellow,(018)Opaque Chartruese Glow, (019)Red/Yellow, (020)Pink/White/Chartreuse. Color: Black/Chartreuse. Type: Tubes. - $1.59


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