Cabela's Food Processing Binders and Additives - Natural - $14.99

Cabela's now offers a full selection of additives for those who want to make sausage from scratch. Why start from scratch? It's a cost-effective choice for hunters who process their own meat and anyone who wants to perfect their own flavorful combinations. Sausage additives have a variety of functions, from extending shelf life to maximizing moisture retention. By mixing your own additives, you know exactly what you're putting in your sausage and why it's there. Instead of relying on someone else's taste buds, you'll have the chance to create recipes you can savor as your own. Bring creativity to the kitchen and your taste buds will reap the rewards at the dinner table. Available: Binder Flour Absorbs water for higher moisture retention and less shrinking in the smokehouse. Also adds cohesive texture when mixing multiple types of meat. Use 3 lbs. per 100 lbs. of meat. Phosphate for Brining Increases water retention during the final smoking and cooking process and lengthens shelf life. Use 7 oz. per galllon of water. 1-lb. bag. Phosphate for Mixing Blend into processed meat to create juicier sausages. Do not use in dry sausages like summer sausage or salami. Mix 6-7 oz. per 100 lbs. of meat. 1-lb. bag. Sodium Erythorbate Retains the rich pink color in sausages, hams and bacon and accelerates curing. Directly mix into meat or add to your brine solutions. 1 oz. per 100 lbs. of meat. 1-lb. bag. Corn Syrup Solids Add to seasonings to increase sweetness and improve viscosity and texture. 1-lb. bag. Dextrose A versatile sweetener for ham and sausage cures. With 60% of the sweetness of cane sugar, dextrose moderates saltiness and enhances flavors without overpowering. Also helps retain natural coloring. 1-lb. bag. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Enhances the natural flavor of meats with a well-rounded, savory taste.1-lb. Color: Natural. Type: Binders and Additives. - $14.99


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