Component Systems Fluorescent Paint - White - $8.99

Veteran anglers know fluorescent colors catch fish. Now you can paint your own fluorescent lures with Component Systems superior paints. Dries quickly to a hard, flat finish. We recommend you apply the white primer as a base coat. If you are painting silver, chrome or nickel-plated spoons or other hard baits, there is no need to use the primer. Because of the unique make-up of our paints, the original color will shine through, yet the brilliance of the fluorescent color will flash when the light hits it as it runs through the water. 4 oz. bottles. Colors: (221)Fluorescent Red, (156)Fluorescent Green, (260)Fluorescent Orange, (027)Fluorescent Pink, (064)Fluorescent Yellow, (015)Fluorescent Blue. Color: White. Type: Paint. - $8.99


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