Cabela's Fisherman Series Walleye Runner - Silver/Black - $3.99

This exciting addition to the growing Cabelas Fisherman family is a cant-miss producer on any walleye water. Whether cast or trolled, the Walleye Runner floats at rest but quickly dives to anywhere from 8-28 ft., depending on model and presentation. But the real key to its unbelievable effectiveness is the unique body design that produces a slow, tantalizing wobble thats tailor-made for finicky walleyes. The 3-1/2, 1/3 oz. Runner dives between 8-10 ft. when cast and retrieved, or as deep as 21 ft. when trolled, making it the perfect crankbait for spring and fall bites. During the early and late seasons or the heat of summer, go extra deep with the 4-3/4, 5/8 oz. model, which runs 15-18 ft. on the retrieve and down to an incredible 28 ft. when trolling. Choose from different color options to match any combination of water and forage condition a walleye angler can encounter. Rigged with quality Matzuo hooks. Per each. Sizes: 3-1/2, 1/3 oz., dives 8-21 ft. 4-3/4, 5/8 oz., dives 15-28 ft. Colors: (002)Silver/Blue, (008)Purple Passion, (016)Tiger Perch, (017)Bengal Tiger, (022)Flaming Banana, (025)Firetiger, (029)Silver/Black, (031)Natural Minnow, (035)Rainbow Minnow, (040)Lemon Lime, (064)Money, (122)White Skeleton, (401)Flasher, (402)Blue Racer, (405)Bombay Lime, (407)Perch, (409)Lime Grape,(951)Tennessee Shad. Color: Silver/Black. Type: Crankbaits. - $3.99


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