Cabela's Fisherman Series Walleye-A-Plug Harness - Orange - $2.99

Combines the fish-catching ability of a spinner rig with the action of a crankbait. Its tight wobble draws fish in while adding action to the crawler. Rigged with 60 or 14-lb.-test monofilament leader. Internal rattle for added attraction. Fish behind a bottom bouncer or any other weighting system. Body Size: 1-1/4. Colors: (005)Glow Pink Back, (013)Chrome Black, (021)Orange Fire, (045)Firetiger, (058)Lime Pearl Tiger, (111)Hot Pink, (161)Purple Pearl Orange Belly, (241)Hot Tiger, (503)Golden Shiner, (694)Metallic Firetiger. Color: Orange. Type: Bait Rigs. - $2.99


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