Cabela's Fisherman Series Grave Digger - Chartreuse - $3.99

Everything you want in a wide-bodied crank: durable high-impact plastic with molded-in bill, loud internal rattles. Select lure for your presentation depth. Rigged with quality Matzuo hooks. Per each. Run depth: Shallow 2, 1/4 oz., 1-2 ft. Medium 2, 1/4 oz., 8-12 ft. Deep 2, 5/8 oz., 10-14 ft. Colors: (002)Holographic Silver Sides, (091)Pearl Red Eyes, (094)Fire Craw, (098)Citrus Shad, (099)Chrome/Silver/Blue, (100)Super Shad, (102)Tennessee Shad, (104)Pearl Black Shad, (951)Tennessee Shad, (952)Chartreuse/Black Back, (953)Gold/Brown/Gold Glitter Back. Color: Chartreuse. - $3.99


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