Cabela's Cures - Brown - $14.99

Pack worlds of mouth watering flavor and moisture into your next batch of smoked, roasted or grilled meat. To use, simply dissolve a portion of Cabelas Cure And Brine Mix into water. Submerge meat into brine for a day or more. Remove, rinse and cook normally. This classic method lets meat soak up and retain moisture during cooking, and it infuses every bite with sweet, salty, savory flavor. Total mix makes up to 10 quarts of brine. Size: 32-oz. Available: Fishermans Friend Brown Sugar Cure And Brine Mix Old Fashioned Maple Cure And Brine Mix All-Purpose Sweet Cure And Brine Mix Poultry And Fowl Honey Cure And Brine Mix Color: Brown. Type: Cures & Marinades. - $14.99


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