Cabela's Carbon Hunter with 2 XPV Vanes Per 6 - Black - $40.99

Enjoy all the speed, performance and strength of a top-quality carbon arrow for a price much less than many aluminum arrows. With a straightness of .006, these arrows have the same qualities and features as carbons costing twice as much. Five-layer construction gives them the durability to last you many seasons. Fletched with 2 XPV (Extreme Performance Vane) vanes. The textured surface on these vanes allows it to steer the arrow more efficiently, improving speed. Nocks installed and inserts loose. 55/70, 65/80 made in the USA. Per 6. Sizes: 55/70 (8.4 gpi), 65/80 (9.3 gpi). Length: 31 (55/70), 31.5 (65/80). Straightness factor: 0.006. Wt. tolerance: 0.5 gr. Dia: .2935 (55/70), .2980 (65/80). Vane colors may vary from what is shown. Draw Weight (lbs.) Arrow Length (in.) 26 27 28 29 30 Color: Black. Type: Fletched Arrows. - $40.99


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