Cabela's 24-Piece BWO Fly Assortment - Blue - $34.99

This assortment puts an end to the aggravation caused by not having the right patterns to effectively match the hatches. Youll receive six deadly patterns of nymphs, dry flies, emergers and cripples. The assortment contains two sizes of each, and youll get two of each size to guarantee you have the right selection when the baetis or blue wings are on the water. Patterns included: Kyles BH Superflash PT-Olive (18, 20), Flash Cripple-BWO (16, 18), Emerger-BWO (18, 20), Blue Dun-BWO (18, 20), Parachute-BWO (18, 20), BWO-Thorax (18, 20). Available: Assortment only, Assortment with Medium Foam Fly Box. Color: Blue. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $34.99


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