CAA AR Magazines CDMAG 30-Round AR M4 5.56 - $24.99

The CAA ARCDMAG holds 30 rounds of 5.56 ammo (.223 Remington). CAA AR Magazines incorporate new technology in material, and design to provide you with premium tactical gear. The unique CDMAG (countdown) magazine provides a visual indicator showing the exact number of remaining live rounds in the magazine, so you know exactly where you're at in high stress tactical situations. A colored visual indicator that can be viewed without losing the sight picture shows a green background when there are 30?21 rounds in the magazine, a yellow background indicates 20?11 rounds, and red 10?0. CAA constructs their AR magazines from durable, high impact polymer that endure extreme use; and stainless steel springs and non-tilt followers ensure reliable function. Countdown magazines compliment the rest of your hi-tech tactical gear to give you an added advantage when you need it most. Manufacturer model #: CDMAG.Visual colored indicator shows number of rounds left in magazine. Holds 30 rounds of 5.56 x 45 NATO ammo. Compatible with AR-15 platform weapons. Rugged polymer construction. Strong stainless steel spring. Non-tilt shell follower - $24.99