Buzz Bomb Jigging Spoons - Green - $4.69

For over 40 years, Buzz Bomb and Zzinger Lures has led the pack with their innovative fishing jig designs. This, along with their high-quality products and reasonable price points, puts them at the forefront of fishermen's minds. Don't leave it to luck. Put science on your side with jigs that have a unique sonic ability and erratic flashing action to attract the most voracious fish. Use 8-12 lb. test line for 2 and 2-1/2 bombs and 15-20 lb. test for 3 - 5 bombs. Also recommended to use a good stiff 7-ft. rod and a medium to large spinning reel. Per each. Sizes: 2 , 2-1/2 , 3 Light, 3 Heavy, 4 . Colors: (001)Chrome, (002)Perch, (003)Hot Pink, (004)Glow, (005)Blue/Pearl, (006)Pink/Pearl, (010)Holo Blue, (011)Holo Green, (012)Holo Pink, (013)Holo Perch. Color: Green. Type: Jigging Spoons. - $4.69


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