Burton Women's Lexa X Re:Flex Binding - $299.95

The Burton Women's Lexa X Re:Flex Binding is a SnowBoard binding for lightweight, all-mountain Performance. Compatible with all mounting systems, this binding is great for riders who Are looking for a lighter response on their favorite Board. The Heel Hammock hi-back increases response while the ankle strap, toe strap and buckles work to keep you locked in place and increase your grip. Topped off with the FullBED cushioning system, you've got a binding that's comfortable and reliable anywhere on the mountain. Features of the Burton Women's Lexa X Re:Flex Binding Re:flex fullbed cushioning system provides full underfoot cushioning, maximizing comfort while minimizing fatigue and Features a trap door design for easy-access to mounting hardwAre B3 gel cushioning is formulated to not harden in cold temperatures and can withstand repeated impacts without breaking down Single-component baseplate construction Features one material throughout, providing consistent response and feel while riding on any terrain Re:flex mounting system dramatically improves Board flex and feel while also reducing weight, universally compatible with all current SnowBoard mounting systems, including 4x4, 3d and the channel Heel hammock Features reinforced rubbery material that wraps the boot heel, providing complete suspension for lightening fast response, dialflad system Features a rotating dial for making adjustments to the forward lean angle of the hi-back, living hinge hi-back Technology eliminates hardwAre and weight, allowing for independent adjustment offorward lean and hi-back rotation Double take buckles offer quicker engagement, faster tongue uptake and fewer cranks to tightenstraps for vastly improved strength, speed and ease-of-use Asym hammockstrap has a durable and low-profile design with an asymmetrical pad and spine shape that wraps the boot for outstanding response, supergrip capstrap 2.0 toe strap is fully injected to reduce waste and Features a rubber overmold to keep the strap in place and increase grip while wrapping over the toebox of the boot Nylon composite material blended with 30% short-glass provides playful response - $299.95