Burt Coyote Lumenok Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Arrows - $59.99

Quit worrying about losing arrows shot from your crossbow by stuffing your quiver with Lumenok Lumen-Arrow Crossbow Arrows from Burt Coyote. These 20inch performance carbon arrows come equipped with Lumenok LED-lighted nocks installed so you can see your crossbow's shot placement like never before. Arrows also feature 4inch vanes and inserts installed. All you need is your favorite broadheads and crossbow! Flat end nocks designed for use in Ten Point and Excalibur crossbow models. 3 arrows. Manufacturer model #: BECF3G.Performance carbon crossbow arrows equipped with Lumenok LED-lighted nocks. Lumenok - see arrow's flight path for easier arrow retrieval20inch arrow with 4inch vanes and inserts installed. Flat end nocks - for use with Ten Point and Excalibur crossbows - $59.99


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