Burris XTR Scope Rings - $59.99

If you?ve been looking for lightweight tactical rings that can do a heavy-duty job, check out these Burris XTR Scope Rings. They offer an incredible amount of holding power, yet they?re specially designed to be lighter in weight, so they?re perfect for the tactical shooter. They work great in everything from small carbines to powerful magnums, and are also ideal for hunting rifles, muzzleloaders and slug guns. They?re available in 1 and 30mm sizes and come in four ring heights, and they work with Weaver and Picatinny bases. The 1? model is especially effective for AR15/M16 flattop receivers where a specific scope height is absolutely essential.Lightweight design. Ideal for everything from small carbines to magnums and hunting rifles. Comes in four ring heights - $59.99