Bulldog Tactical Leg Holster Right Hand - $24.99

Wear your semiautomatic pistol on your right thigh in a position where your hand can naturally draw it quickly. Its the style of rig worn by many elite law enforcement and military units. The adjustable belt loop and leg straps allow you to customize the fit. An integrated magazine pouch on the front is outfitted with a magazine retention strap. Another retention strap securely holds your side arm in the holster until its needed. Imported. Available: Compact Automatic Fits most compact semiautomatics with 2.5-3.75 barrels Standard Automatic Fits most standard semiautomatics with 2-4 barrels Large-Frame Automatic Fits most large-frame semiautomatics with 3.5-5 barrels Type: Tactical. - $24.99


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