Bulldog Belt Slide Holster - $21.99

Bulldog's new molded Belt Slide Holsters are made from quality leather that has been hand tooled and tanned to provide a durable, attractive product. The unique design of each holster allows for multiple fits, eliminating the problem of having so many costly items to stock. Fits most of the popular automatics sold today.Fits Make and Model: 1911 3 1911 3.25 1911 4 1911 4.25 1911 5 Browning HP CZ 75 Kahr CW40 Kahr CW45 Kahr CW9 Kahr K40 Kahr K45 Kahr K9 Kahr P40 Kahr P45 Kahr P9 Kahr PM40 Kahr PM45 Kahr PM9 Kel-Tec P11 Kel-Tec PF9 Walther P22Style number MLB - $21.99


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