Build a Bike Card Game - $5.99

Build-a-Bike card game is a fast and fun family card game where each player races to build the largest fleet of Schwinn bikes. Be the player that builds the most bikes with the highest point value. 2% of sales go to the purchase of helmets for children through the Helmets on Heads Initiative ( Schwinn Build a Bike Card Game from Education Outdoors is tons of fun for bike lovers. Actually, it is heaps of fun for anyone who loves card games that require a bit of strategy. Players need to build a bike by collecting cards for each component (tires, frame, seat, handlebars, helmet) and get points for each (for example, 8 points for a carbon steel frame, 3 for an aluminum frame). The player with the highest point value wins! Comes with 70, 35-inch playing cards, including bike component cards, bonus cards, and set-back cards that deduct points (better discard those fast!). For 2-6 players - $5.99


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