Buckscore Scoring Software - $7.88

Use your photographs from trail cameras, video stills or scanned photos to accurately score your Whitetail Buck. Buckscore is the first ever scientifically proven and patented technology that makes it possible to score Whitetail antlers from any photo, plus or minus just a few inches. Buckscore was developed and tested by professional Whitetail biologists, researchers and staff from the world famous Deer Lab at Mississippi State University using data collected over many years from bucks harvested in every state and province with wild Whitetail populations. This patented program and technology allows you to estimate your bucks gross and net scores as if it were right in your hands and build a library of your favorite bucks photos and scores to share with family and friends via email and Facebook. Now you can know how big that buck is before you hunt him or after you harvest him or settle size debates with friends! - $7.88


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